AFIDEP at the African Dialogues on Faith and Demography
28 avril 2022
Author: Christopher Kaudzu

African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP) will on 28th April 2022 attend the African Dialogues on Faith and Demography themed The Role of Faith and Harnessing the Demographic Dividend.”

The dialogue event brings together representatives from religious organisations, multi-religious networks, and initiatives as well as the civil society from countries across the African continent for an interactive exchange on the role of faith in harnessing the demographic dividend.

Dr. Eliya Zulu, Executive Director, AFIDEP is set to be the keynote speaker for Dialogue No. 1 and will provide an expert overview on the concept of the demographic dividend, its pre-requisites and its relevance for African countries. At the core of the discussion is the role of faith actors and how they could facilitate socio-demographic change.

The dialogue seeks to:

  1. Explore the role and emphasize the importance of multi-religious engagement for sociodemographic development.
  2. Provide a shared understanding of the concept of demographic dividend and its implications for countries, setting the tone for the following dialogues.
  • Foster networking and cooperation with and between governments, interreligious bodies, religious leaders and civil society actors.

The dialogue series is co-organised by Religions for Peace, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the Federal Foreign Office of Germany and the Berlin Institute for Population and Development.

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