Enhance DELTAS Webinar: Developing Effective Communications and Engagement Strategies
Event Date: 29 Apr 2021
Event Location: Virtual

Effective policy engagement strategies require some understanding of the policymaking processes and the incentives and disincentives of Evidence-informed Decision making (EIDM) in the public sector. EIDM is defined as a process in which high-quality evidence from research, local data, and professional experiences is synthesised, disseminated, and applied to decision-making in policy and practice (Yost et al., 2014; Belita et al., 2018; Motani et al., 2019). 

This webinar is a part of the Enhancing Research Uptake and Policy Engagement in the DELTAS Programme (Enhance DELTAS). Through the development of institutional strategies and the follow-on mentorship and support, we will contribute to sustainable practices in policy engagement and research uptake. 

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