Up for a creative challenge? Participate in AFIDEP’s logo design contest and stand a cash prize win
6 juillet 2021

Health Tech, a three-year project to be delivered by AFIDEP in partnership with relevant regional and local organizations in select African countries, and in collaboration with relevant continental bodies is in need of a logo which will be a visual cornerstone of the project’s visibility and branding efforts.

What we do
The Health Tech Platform is an African-driven dialogue and action platform that will facilitate informed, objective, inclusive and balanced discussions on the design, development and use of transformative technologies and tools (TTs), to address key health challenges in sub-Saharan Africa.

The new platform will increase Africa’s voice and leadership, as well as policy commitment and action on transformative health technologies, enabling widespread use of those proven to be safe and effective to transform disease trajectory or enable services to reach isolated geographical areas for quality health delivery and economic growth.

The established Health Tech Platform will ensure that Africans are meaningfully involved in driving conversations and action on the need for, and effectiveness of transformative tools and technologies in addressing the continent’s health challenges. The initiative uses multi-pronged dialogue and action approaches and tools to engage and sustain a wide range of stakeholders at national, regional and global level.

Contest Details

Things to communicate through the logo design

  • Africa driven HealthTech platform for Dialogue and Action
  • TTs health benefits for African populations
  • Platform for evidence sharing and policy decisions
  • African-led voices, participation and contribution for wellbeing

The target audience

  • Industry: Research, health/medicine, public/private organizations
  • Occupation: Policymakers, scientists, academics, ethicists, gender experts, media/journalists, and civil society actors and Public.
  • Interest: Conducting TTs R&D (Research & Development) to generate innovative or evidence health solutions for the benefit of vulnerable communities

We like these fonts, colors and style

  • A logo that has both an image and type-based design
  • The use of blue and white in the font and/ or graphic
  • Clean and smart look
  • Message conveyed by a symbol

A graphic that accounts for:

  • Platform for dialogue and action on TTs development and use
  • African voices and participation platform
  • Evidence health advocacy and decisions-making policy and practice

Our design will be used on

  • Web
  • Social media/ Print media
  • Billboards & Signs
  • Television/Radio

Please note that the Institute full name – Africa Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP)- does not necessarily have to be within the logo.

Contacts: htp@afidep.org

Learn more on: https://www.afidep.org/programme/health-tech-platform-htp/

Follow us on Twitter: @htp_Africa

Download contest advert: AFIDEP Logo Design Contest_the HealthTech Platform_July 2021

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