Insights from seed award grantees of the Evidence Leaders in Africa (ELA) project
18 mai 2020

The Evidence Leaders in Africa (ELA) project aims to expand leadership for the use of evidence in policy formulation and implementation by African governments.  As part of its approaches to achieve its objectives, ELA had set aside seed grants to award African Academy of Sciences (AAS) fellows with innovative approaches that spearhead the implementation of initiatives aimed at addressing bottlenecks that curtail institutionalisation of EIDM in government.

In 2019, four AAS fellows were awarded the competitive seed grants worth a total of  US$20,000 per grantee. The grantees have existing strong and trusted relationships with government agencies. The relationships, trust, and respect are important prerequisites for the successful implementation of initiatives to institutionalise evidence use within government agencies.

Two of the seed grantees give us insights about their initiatives/projects, how the grant will help ensure their projects are successful and the value the ELA project and engagement with AFIDEP in their careers.

  1. Dr Eucharia Oluchi Nwaichi – Senior Lecturer, University of Port Harcourt (Nigeria)


2. Dr Temitope Olawunmi Sogbanmu – Lecturer, University of Lagos (Nigeria)

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