Promoting FP/RH and PED knowledge exchange through the People-Planet Connections
13 août 2022
Author: Felix Otiato

The Building Capacity for Integrated Family Planning/Reproductive Health and Population, Environment and Development Action (BUILD) project will be hosting a virtual dialogue forum on the People-Planet Connection Discourse platform from August 16th to 18th 2022.

The dialogue forum will bring together population, environment and development  (PED) professionals around the globe for the 3-day event under the theme “Integrated voluntary Family Planning/Reproductive Health and PED intersection: empowering governments and organizations to seek collective results.”

Evidence from several projects shows that an integrated approach can effectively address population, health, livelihood, and natural resource challenges in communities. However, PED stakeholders need to accelerate the production of evidence-informed activities to provide a broadened spectrum to better communicate the full picture and benefits of PED programs to bolster the case for greater investments in these integrated approaches by governments and organizations.

People-Planet Connection is a website supported by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) that dedicated to the exchange of knowledge, resources, and experiences related to PED policy, research, and implementation.

Dialogue Program

Day Topic Resource Person
16th August 2022 Family Planning/Reproductive Health and PED intersection in the context of development planning


Dr Joan Castro,

Executive Vice President, PATH Foundation Philippines Inc,


17th August 2022 Systems thinking and the interlinkages between voluntary FP/RH, environment, and development


Prof Sosten Chiotha,

Regional Director,



18th August 2022 Beyond the contentions: Developing evidence-informed narratives to spark understanding of the significance of PED at all levels


Theresa Hoke,

Director of Health Services Research, FHI360


How to Participate

  • Participation at the forum is free
  • Participants are requested to create an individual account on the People-Planet Discourse Portal.
  • Once the account is created, participants will be able to locate the dialogue forum titled ‘BUILD Project Dialogue’.
  • Participants are then free to engage with the dialogue leads during the individual sessions.

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