Botswana Demographic Dividend Roadmap

Botswana DD Roadmap acknowledges these critical need to investment in the pillars for harnessing the DD: Education, Health, Economic reforms, Governance and family planning. (photo: samuel aboh/unsplash)
Botswana DD project will work in partnership with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. The project aimed to create a roadmap that will highlight the priorities for harnessing the demographic dividend. (photo: joshua hanson/unsplash)

Botswana is an upper-middle-income country with aspirations in its long-term development strategy, Vision 2036, to graduate to a high-income country with equal opportunity and prosperity for all. At the heart of these aspirations is its population and the implications of the demographic transition that has taken place in the country over the last few decades.

Against this backdrop, the Government of Botswana, through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MFED), and in collaboration with UNFPA commissioned the Botswana National Demographic Dividend Study in 2016. AFIDEP was the technical lead of the study, working in partnership with the University of Botswana and University of Cape Town. The study  analysed the population dynamics and age-structure changes in Botswana in the medium to long-term and the implications these will have on the ability of the country to maximise its Demographic Dividend (DD).

Botswana is in advanced stages of the demographic transition relative to most countries in Africa; however, it has not fully optimised its youth thus there is need for urgent action to address challenges preventing the country from harnessing a DD. AFIDEP implemented the recommendations of the Botswana DD study through developing a DD Roadmap.

  1. Develop a Demographic Dividend Roadmap – to roll out the findings of the Botswana DD study
  2. Design a tool to provide guidance in the selection of priorities projects to enable Botswana to achieve the Demographic Dividend
  3. Create a dashboard within the existing Botswana Development Projects Monitoring System (DPMS)
  1. A DD roadmap and DD project priorities for the Annual Development Plan and Medium-Term Plan.
  2. A functional DD dashboard and scorecard platform embedded within the DPMS
  3. Capacity building and training of users – to enable them implement the roadmap and use the DD dashboard for performance monitoring and accountability.
  4. Communication outcomes:
  • Publications – reports, blogs
  • Policy Engagement with government departments and stakeholders

African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP)

Government of Botswana – Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MFED)


Key Details

Dates: September 2021 to May 2023

The Botswana Demographic Dividend project aimed to develop a Roadmap for the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MFED) to guide the implementation of the Botswana DD Study recommendations.

This project was completed in May 2023 and it was a successor project for the demographic divided modelling report that was completed in 2018. The report had key recommendations that the roadmap sought to provide an implementation framework:

The Botswana DD project was able to put the DD on the radar of Botswana’s Demographic dividend landscape to inform the government’s development planning framework. The government received the demographic-divided roadmap report which was developed through a stakeholder-based process. The roadmap will be used as a guide for Botswana’s planning and implementation framework. It is envisaged that the Demographic divided dashboard that was developed under the project will contribute towards steps to establish projects monitoring and performance framework for the country. The dashboard will not be a stand-alone system, rather, it is expected to be embedded into the integrated Development Projects Monitoring System (DPMS)for the country.



Where: Botswana
Project Manager:Bernard O. Onyango, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator:Eliya Zulu, Ph.D.

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