Research and Technical Assistance to Accelerate Achievement of SDGs

While supporting African governments in policy formulation, we have identified gaps in the use of evidence for priority-setting, programme implementation and performance management. Policymakers’ requests for evidence to help them move from policy formulation to prioritisation of interventions further confirms the existence of these gaps. The Institute responds to these gaps by providing technical assistance on use of evidence throughout the policy-to-programme pathway in our priority focus areas. Specifically, we focus on four key actions areas:

 Action 2.1

Synthesis, Translation and Packaging of Evidence

  • Produce syntheses of evidence in response to specific demands for evidence from policymakers (e.g. for policy formulation, programme reviews, and evaluation or SDG reporting)
  • Produce Green Papers – topical discussion papers to stimulate debate and agenda setting
  • Communicate evidence effectively through communication products (e.g. policy briefs, dashboards, infographics and maps)

 Action 2.2

Data Analysis for Monitoring Development Efforts

  • Analyse existing survey, administrative and other data to monitor progress of SDGs in our priority areas
  • Conduct sub-national, national and regional comparative analyses to inform national and regional tracking and monitoring of progress
  • Create accessible databases for ‘at-a-glance’ monitoring of the progress of projects
  • Create cost-effectiveness analyses and scenario modelling, to enable policymakers to prioritise and understand policy options

Action 2.3

Focused Research

  • Conduct research responding to, or anticipating specific policy questions in our five priority areas
  • Conduct demand-driven implementation research on how best to scale-up proven interventions
  • Develop innovative tools for performance management of policies and programmes, including budget tracking and resource mapping
  • Share our research through peer-reviewed journals and non-academic platforms

Action 2.4

Digital Repository of Relevant Policies and Evidence

  • Create a digital repository for relevant policies and key publications
  • Create digital platforms for annual monitoring of core indicators of inclusive development
  • Produce metadata and trend analyses of progress on SDGs
  • Organise online discussion forums to track progress on SDGs and related topics

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