30 November 2021

The Making a case for Planetary Health Making in sub-Saharan Africa (Planetary Health) project aims to build the evidence base for policy and programmes that address the health impacts of climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa. The project will develop and test policy options that have the potential to deliver generalizable and transferable lessons for improving the local environment, global environmental sustainability and population health.

30 July 2019

The growing threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is well recognised. Low- and middle- income countries are likely to be more severely affected due to overstretched health systems and poor access to alternative antibiotic regimes. This information sheet details the DRUM project’s adoptive One Health approach to understanding how water, sanitation and hygiene practices interact with antimicrobial usage to facilitate the transmission of AMR-bacteria in Uganda & Malawi.

27 May 2019

The Malawi Priorities Project, a research-based collaborative project implemented by the National Planning Commission, the African Institute for Development Policy and the Copenhagen Consensus Center. The project seeks to provide the government with a systematic process to help prioritize the most effective policy solutions so as to maximize social, environmental and economic benefits on every kwacha invested. Cost-benefit analysis is the primary analytical tool adopted by the project.