Final Call for Submissions: Application for an Evidence Leadership Award for African Academy of Sciences (AAS) Fellows, Affiliates and Grantees
30 July 2020
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The Evidence Leaders in Africa (ELA) initiative, which seeks to expand leadership for the use of evidence in policy formulation and implementation by African governments is still accepting applications for an Evidence Leadership Award for African Academy of Sciences (AAS) fellows, affiliates and grantees. The deadline for submission closes on 31 August 2020.

The award seeks to recognise efforts of AAS fellows, affiliates and grantees who are innovating with interventions that promote, support and enable the use of evidence in decision-making in government institutions. Further, the award purposes to increase efforts by AAS scholars and researchers that seek to promote, support, and enable Evidence-Informed Decision-Making (EIDM) within government agencies in their countries.

The award will be given to individuals only and will cover initiatives that promote, support or enable EIDM including but not limited to initiatives that:

  • Synthesise and repackage evidence for decision-makers
  • Repackage evidence for decision-makers
  • Use multi-media/innovative technologies in repackaging and presenting evidence to decision-makers
  • Facilitate regular discussions of evidence on policy issues by policymakers and researchers (dialogues) Build and sustain relationships and interactions between researchers and policymakers
  • Engage and facilitate media to improve media coverage of research and other evidence
  • Engage civil society and communities with evidence
  • Build capacity of decision-makers or other evidence users in interpretation and application of evidence to improve the uptake of evidence in decision-making
  • Advocate for and/or support the development of tools and guidelines that support evidence use
  • Provide technical advice to decision-makers to improve decision-making
  • Advocate for and support the strengthening of institutional leadership, systems, structures, budgets, and capacities for enabling EIDM
  • Assess and evaluate the effectiveness of EIDM interventions

Application procedure
All applications must be submitted by 31 August 2020, through the email: 

Please use the application templates below (Leadership Award Application form and Reference form). Share with your referees the reference form for them to fill out and once the reference is filled, this should be mailed to the project team using the email with the subject line ELA Leadership Award: [Name of the Applicant]

Please note that nominations must be completed in English. However, you are encouraged that this is not an award for English writing: applications will be judged on the merit of your applicant’s contribution to EIDM and not on the English grammar.  Any questions or inquiries for clarification should also be directed to the ELA Project Team using the same email address (

African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP)
Mobile: +254 716 020 589, +254 735 249 499

  1. Leadership-Award_Application-Form.docx
  2. Leadership-Award_-Reference-Form-1.docx
  3. Leadership-Award-Call-for-Applications-Deadline-Extension-31Aug2020-1.pdf

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