3rd Biennial Pan African Thoracic Society Congress
Event Date: 7 - 10 Jun 2023
Event Location: Sarova Whitesands Convention Center, Mombasa, Kenya.

As part of the Leaving no-one behInd: Transforming Gendered pathways to Health for TB (LIGHT) Consortium, the African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP) will be participating at the 3rd Biennial Pan African Thoracic Society Congress. The event, organised by Pan African Thoracic Society (PATS) and Respiratory Society of Kenya (ReSoK), will be held 7–10 June 2023 at the Sarova Whitesands Convention Center in Mombasa, Kenya.  

LIGHT is a cross-disciplinary global health research programme funded with aid from the UK government, led by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), working with partners in Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda and the UK. The programme aims to provide new evidence on the effectiveness of different gender-responsive pathways and approaches to health for those with tuberculosis (TB). AFIDEP and ReSoK lead the Consortium’s work in Kenya. 

The PATS Congress aims to pool the insights of experts and practitioners in respiratory health and thoracic surgery, harness collective efforts to influence policy, identify and provide pertinent training and education programmes, dictate research questions, and synergise multilateral resources that all work towards a healthier environment and a healthier society. 

The theme of this year’s Congress, The African Environment and Lung Health, was carefully chosen to interrogate the current status of lung health, exploring how physical elements such as air pollution, poor hygiene and climate change, as well as social factors like poverty, overcrowding, and displacement, continue to drive morbidity and mortality in Africa. The event provides a fantastic opportunity to share knowledge and build connections and contribute to developing capacity and tackling global health challenges.  

Dr Leyla Abdullahi, Senior Research and Policy Analyst at AFIDEP, will present on “Barriers to Accessing Treatment for TB Infection Among Male Adolescents and Young Adults: A Political Economy Analysis in Kenya”. Dr Abdullahi is also a Research Uptake Manager under the LIGHT Consortium, and this study was conducted as part of LIGHT’s programme of work. 

Dr Stephen Mulupi, a Postdoctoral Fellow under the LIGHT Consortium, as well as a postdoc at ReSoK will present on “High TB Prevalence Among Young People in Kenya: An Assessment of Critical Gaps in the TB Care Cascade Using a Gender Lens” at the event. 

The LIGHT Consortium will also have an exhibition booth with the various resources from its activities engaging stakeholders in developing and adopting gendered TB policies, strategies and guidelines. 

Learn more about LIGHT here: https://bit.ly/42cSbKo