Training and review of evidence-informed decision-making training curriculum with lecturers, researchers and managers from the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences
Event Date: 6 - 8 Oct 2021
Event Location: Lilongwe

In response to the challenge of weak capacity among decision makers to find and use evidence in the policy-making process, AFIDEP through the as Heightening institutional capacity for government use of health research (HIGH-Res) Project is collaborating with universities/research institutes to introduce an evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) curriculum in its existing training programmes.

In line with this efforts, AFIDEP will host a three-day workshop with select lecturers and researchers from the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHES). The training workshop which takes place between 6-8 October 2021 in Lilongwe, Malawi, is aimed at enhancing the skills of lecturers, researchers and managers from KUHES. This is to facilitate a review of the EIDM training course for use by District Health researchers.

The ToT workshop is to be followed by a training of health researchers by the newly trained personnel, between 11-15 October 2021.


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