Workshop on Promoting Demographic Intelligence in Uganda
Event Date: 9 Dec 2021
Event Location:

UNFPA , Makerere University, Kyambogo University,  and the National Population Council (NPC),  have organized a workshop to bring key stakeholders in one place to brainstorm, discuss and make agreements on how to work collaboratively to position Demography and Population Science in the development agenda while ensuring its relevancy to policy, planning and decision making. The workshop will engage and receive input from stakeholders and gatekeepers of demographic and population policies, research and programmes in Uganda.

AFIDEP’s Executive Director, Eliya Zulu Ph.D. will be presenting on “Repositioning the role of Demographic Intelligence and Training in Uganda.”

The aims of the workshop include:

  1. To brainstorm on ways of reclaiming the space for Demography- global, regional and national
  2. To promote demographic intelligence in Uganda by integrating demography into the development agenda
  3. To create a platform for regular dialogues between policymakers, researchers (academia) and practitioners
  4. To reflect on the process of Demography and Population Studies training curriculum review for graduate and undergraduate courses at Makerere University and other Demographic Training Institutions, how relevant to development architecture (Are institutions producing the right product for the development market?
  5. To brainstorm on how to build capacity for knowledge production and translation of research into population policy and practice

The workshop seeks to achieve the following:

  1. An action plan to position Demography/Population science in the development
  2. Position Paper on Demography/Population Science.
  3. Creation of a platform for regular dialogue between Government MDAs in charge of Population Issues and Demographic data and academic institutions, development partners and civil society organizations
  4. Discussions and agreements for collaborations in research, training and programming in demographic data and analysis
  5. Discussions about the uptake of graduates of Demography and Population Studies by the Government MDAs, CSOs and Development partners

From these experiences, there is a need for policymakers, researchers/academia and practitioners to work collaboratively to ensure the strengthening of Demographic Planning, Training and Research and Population Data Management and Programming in Uganda. This calls for urgent action to bring policymakers, researchers, and programme specialists in the discipline of Demography and Population Science.


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