World Water Week 2022
Event Date: 24 Aug 2022
Event Location: Online

The Building Capacity for Integrated Family Planning and Reproductive Health and Population, Environment and Development Action (BUILD) project will host an online session at the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) World Water Week.


Details of the Session are as follows;

Date: 24th August 2022

Time: 1530 hrs to 1630 hrs GMT

Mode of participation: Online


The theme for the session is “Value of water on population, environment, and development.” The session aims to highlight the imperative of integrating the Population, Environment, and Development (PED) nexus in managing water resources and advocate for its inclusion in programs and policies geared towards ensuring societies can harmonize competing uses of water with population dynamics.

Specifically, the session seeks to:

  • Foster dialogue on the PED nexus and the priority areas to ensure sustainable management of water resources in the face of competing demands and climate change.
  • Demonstrate how integrated and coordinated water resource development and management at national and regional levels can contribute to sustainable socio-economic development and promote peace and stability in
  • Address both direct and indirect impacts of population dynamicsand development on water and livelihoods.


The session targets researchers, policymakers, program implementers, and decision-makers in government and development circles. It will draw the audience from all regions to enable knowledge sharing and learning from experts across the globe.


Please see the session program for more details.


To register, please visit the World Water Week Registration Portal.

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