Lung Health and TB in Africa: AFIDEP participating at Annual IMPALA programme meeting
19 April 2018
Author: Evans Chumo
IMPALA's programme work focuses specifically on the intersections between non-communicable lung disease, acute lung disease, air pollution, and tobacco-related disease; and how each of these interact with TB. Photo: Hamid Abdulsalam, UNAMID/Flickr

The African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP) will participate at the IMPALA Annual Meeting that will be held in Durban, South Africa from 19-20 April 2018.

IMPALA, short for the International Multidisciplinary Programme to Address Lung Health and TB in Africa, is a collaboration of 17 partner institutions across 11 African countries. The programme brings together scientists from Africa and the UK in various disciplines for multi-disciplinary collaborative work with the purpose of producing scientific knowledge and implementable solutions for issues related to lung health in Africa.

The Annual Meeting will ride on the momentum of the PATS-MECOR (Pan African Thoracic Society Methods in Epidemiological, Clinical, and Operational Research) one-week training course, also happening this week (16 – 20 April 2018) at the same venue.

This year’s Meeting has a three-fold purpose:

  • finalising the programme’s Phase 1 research protocols;
  • clarifying the programme’s management principals – including financial, scientific, and contractual obligations;
  • and having IMPALA PhD students present their Defense of Concepts.

AFIDEP will be represented at the Meeting by Dr. Rose Oronje, Director, Science Communications and Evidence Uptake. The meeting will also draw the IMPALA programme’s directorate, the management team, discipline leads, country leads, PhDs, Post-Doctoral Research Assistants (PDRAs), and the IMPALA project members.