Evidence Leadership Award: Prof. Madiagne Diallo recognised for efforts in enabling evidence-informed decision-making
24 November 2020

In 2020, AFIDEP recognised and awarded three African Academy of Sciences (AAS) scholars who have demonstrated innovation with initiatives and interventions that promote evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) in government institutions in their countries. As the overall winner, Prof. Madiagne Diallo received a symbolic cash award of US$ 5,000. He was recognised for his efforts within and outside government structures to support the use of evidence in decision-making. His work has focused on the promotion of frameworks for exchanges between public decision-makers and other stakeholders including scientists, knowledge societies, and civil society to discuss the contribution of evidence in the development of African countries.

The three scholars – winner and two runners up were awarded during a two-day Evidence Leaders in Africa virtual conference held on 3-4 November 2020. The virtual event brought together researchers mainly within the AAS networks, policymakers and practitioners in Africa to share lessons and experiences on researchers’ roles in strengthening evidence use in government decision-making. The conference is a culmination of a two-year project dubbed Evidence Leaders in Africa (ELA). Since inception in 2018, ELA has been using various approaches to expand leadership for use of evidence in policy formulation and implementation by African governments.

About Prof. Madiagne Diallo
Prof. Diallo is a specialist in Optimization and Operational Research, after having a record consideration in Scientific Research, and 10 years today in the supervision and advice of high state authorities, ample experience. He quickly identified the flaws in the weak consideration of technical and scientific knowledge for the definition, execution and evaluation of public policies by state decision-makers. In order to help African countries better equip themselves with the practical knowledge developed by their local scientists, and through global benchmarking, Prof. Diallo has decided to focus his energy and his time on the promotion of frameworks for exchanges between public decision-makers, diplomats, scientists, knowledge societies, civil society, religious and men of culture to discuss the contribution of Scientific Diplomacy and Science Advice for the development of African countries, through training seminars, interdisciplinary projects and, regional and scientific publications, as well as technical notes.

It is within this context that he joined the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA) and directs the French-speaking Pilotage Committee for the promotion of Science Advice to Governments. This work by Prof. Diallo, started in 2017, has already shown results, in particular the creation of the African platform “Science Advice Africa” ​​made up of almost 500 scientists and members of Government and 2 regional studies on public policies in action:

Regarding his career, Prof. Diallo is currently the Director of Scientific Animation of the Economical, Social and Environmental Council of Senegal and Professor of the Department of Industrial Engineering of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) in Brazil.

Prof is a former Deputy General Secretary and Director of Planning and Studies of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council of Senegal, former General Consul of Senegal in Sao Paulo, Brazil, former South to South Cooperation Minister Advisor at the Office of the President of Senegal, and former Technical Assessor at the Economic and Social Development Council at the Presidency of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

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