Pedagogies of capacity development for EIDM in Africa: AFIDEP in Africa Evidence Network Webinar Series
16 March 2022
Author: Lomuthando Nthakomwa-Masambuka

The African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP) will be participating in one of Africa Evidence Network’s (AEN) Evidence Capacities Webinar Series Sessions on 16 March 2022, from 15:00-16:15 EAT. The webinar series aims to create a platform for sharing experiences and ideas that push our thinking on how we enhance capacity for evidence use in Africa.

Dr Rose Oronje, AFIDEP’s Director of Public Policy and Knowledge Translation, and Head of Kenya Office, will be a panellist exploring various pedagogies for EIDM capacity development in Africa. She will be joined by Rhona Mijumbi (ACRES, Uganda), and the session will be moderated by Carina van Rooyen (Africa Centre for Evidence, South Africa).

EIDM capacity development in Africa according to the AEN Manifesto on capacity development for EIDM in Africa (2021) is :

  1. Enhancing and sharing capacities of individuals/groups related to evidence use in Africa;
  2. Improving organisations and their articulation with the evidence ecosystem in Africa to get things done;
  3. Improving systems, processes, institutional structures, and modes of operation of the African evidence ecosystem(s) for effective, equitable and ethical use of evidence to have the Africa we want.

Pedagogy in general is about the art and science of teaching/training others. In our EIDM context, it is the approach one follows to facilitate the learning of adults, based on your assumptions about how these adults learn.

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