“A loving man has a very huge responsibility”: A mixed methods study of Malawian men’s knowledge and beliefs about cervical cancer
2 October 2020

In Malawi, numerous barriers may prevent women from accessing cervical cancer screening services — including social factors such as male partner involvement. The study presents surveys conducted that included open- and closed-ended questions with married Malawian men to evaluate their knowledge and beliefs about cervical cancer. Majorly the study found that male partners in Malawi want to be involved in decisions about cervical cancer screening, but have limited knowledge about screening, and hold rigid beliefs about gender norms that may affect their support for screening.

You can access the full article here: https://doi.org/10.1186/s12889-020-09552-1

Authors: Samuel Lewis, Corrina Moucheraud, Devon Schechinger, Misheck Mphande, Ben Allan Banda, Hitler Sigauke, Paul Kawale, Kathryn Dovel & Risa M. Hoffman

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