Demand for Family Planning Satisfied With Modern Methods in Urban Malawi: CHAID Analysis to Identify Predictors and Women Underserved With Family Planning Services
28 May 2021

Modern contraceptive use is effective for preventing unplanned pregnancies and helping individual women and couples to decide freely and responsibly if, when, and how many children they want to have; family planning progress under the SDGs is measured with a novel indicator, demand for family planning satisfied with modern methods (mDFPS), which provides a better indication of modern contraceptive coverage than unmet need and contraceptive prevalence rate, this study demonstrates significant intra-urban disparities in demand for FP satisfied with modern contraceptives in Malawi. There is a need for policymakers and reproductive health practitioners to recognise these disparities and to prioritise the underserved groups identified in this study.

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Authors: Nurudeen Alhassan and Nyovani Janet Madise


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