Ethics in global research: Creating a toolkit to support integrity and ethical action throughout the research journey
2 February 2021

In the past 20 years, the rate of globalization has affected all aspects of society and brought the global village together in search of solutions to complex challenges affecting the health and wellbeing of people, communities, and the planet. In response to these challenges and personal experiences in complex research settings, the authors of this paper initiated a project exploring leadership in ethics, integrity, and research conduct in complex LMIC-UK partnership projects. This paper describes the process of consultations with global researchers from around the world to create an online, open-access toolkit for the global research community; findings show it was clear that the process of bringing together diverse researchers from around the world elicited collegial sharing, robust conversations, and also relief as participants revealed shared concerns and experiences.

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Authors: Corinne ReidClara CaliaCristóbal Guerra, Liz GrantMatilda AndersonKhama Chibwana, Paul Kawale, and Action Amos. 

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