Gendered gaps to tuberculosis prevention and care in Kenya: a political economy analysis study
19 June 2024

Tuberculosis (TB) remains a public health concern in Kenya despite the massive global efforts towards ending TB. Notably, TB cases are much higher in men than women. This political economy analysis (PEA) study provides in-depth contexts and understanding of the gender gaps to access and successful treatment for TB infection.

The impediments to TB prevention and care efforts include poor health systems, resource limitations and other sociopolitical contexts that inform policy and implementation. Broad contextual factors identified from the PEA widen the disparity in targeted gender efforts toward men. Following the development of effective TB policies and strategies, it is essential to have well planned gendered responsive interventions with a clear implementation plan and monitoring system to enhance access to TB prevention and care.


Authors: Leila H Abdullahi, Sandra Oketch, Henry Komen, Irene Mbithi, Kerry Millington, Stephen Mulupi, Jeremiah Chakaya and Eliya M Zulu

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