How Should the Malawi Health Sector Indicators Be Revised to Align With Current Monitoring and Evaluation
22 July 2016

An indicator is a measurable variable used as a representation of an associated factor or quantity. It provides evidence of the quality or standard of service. To monitor performance of the Health Sector in Malawi, Ministry of Health (MoH) formulated a Handbook of Health Indicators in 2003. The Handbook had 110 Health Management Information System (HMIS) indicators. It was formulated on the basis that it will be revised every five years to reflect emerging health problems, priorities, goals and targets of the health sector. However, 13 years later, the indicators have never been evaluated or revised. This policy brief takes a look at the current batch of health sector indicators, and discusses the policy options that could be put in place to update them. The brief also makes some recommendations based on this discussion.

How Should The Malawi Health Sector Indicators Be Revised To Align With Current Monitoring And Evaluation

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