Interview with Dr. Eliya Zulu on launch of AFIDEP’s new platform to optimise Africa’s voice on transformative health technologies
13 March 2021
Dr. Zulu: the prospects for HTP are huge and at the end of it, we hope for increased understanding, commitment and action from policy-makers to facilitate the development and use of transformative technologies for tackling health challenges.

Listen to Eliya Zulu on Voice of America (VOA) as he discusses AFIDEP’s newly launched platform – the Health Tech Platform (HTP).  HTP is an African driven advocacy platform that will facilitate discussions on transformative technologies such as genetically modified mosquitoes, drones and artificial intelligence to address key health challenges in Africa.

The overall purpose of the project is to ensure that Africans are meaningfully involved in driving conversations about the need for transformational tools and technologies, their design, development, testing, and uptake by governments, other development actors, and communities, including youth and women.

Click HERE to listen to the radio interview (min 23.35-30.00) or download the audio file below:



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