Nigeria kids, August 2007. Photo: Flickr/Lucia Rau
Fruit-seller along the great road north from Jebba, Nigeria. Photo: Flickr/Carsten ten Brink
Hawkers near Ibadan, Nigeria. Photo: Flickr/Alf Gillman
  • Two government agencies in Nigeria  are working with AAS fellows to implement initiatives that promote and nurture EIDM.Learn about one of the initiatives in Nigeria
  • Watch interview series of scholars and researchers expressing  the value of ELA activities to their work
  • The Integration of Transferable Skills in Secondary and TVET Education in Sub-Saharan Africa project provided recommendations for the incorporation of transferable skills in schools as a means to youth empowerment for economic growth. Governments were urged to create space for innovation, plan for scaling up, engage stakeholders, prioritise costing and training in new pedagogies, and develop new assessment tools. Implications for donors were for provision of flexible financing and investments in transferable skills and in training for teachers and instructors. The study report can be found here.
  • IMPALA programme aims to generate scientific knowledge and implementable solutions for issues related to lung health in Africa. The programme, spanning 10 African countries, builds upon a critical mass of internationally excellent clinical and applied health scientists who are experts in lung health and strengthens the capacity of emerging interdisciplinary lung health researchers from Africa.


Key Details

Population Indicators

  • Total Population (millions): 195.9 (HDR 2019)
  • Population ages 15- 64 (of total ppn-millions): 104.6 (HDR 2019)
  • Population under age 15 (% of total ppn): 44% (PRB 2019)
  • Total Fertility Rate (TFR) (births per woman): 5.3 (PRB 2019)

Economic development

  • Gross domestic product (GDP) per Capita (2011 PPP $): 5,316 (HDR 2019)
  • Poverty headcount ratio at national poverty lines (% of ppn): 46% (WB 2009)
  • Share of youth not in education, employment or training, total (% of youth ppn): 21.4% (WB 2016)

Health and well-being

  • Infant mortality rate (per 1000 live births): 64.6% (HDR 2019)
  • Government health expenditure (% of total): 3.6% (HDR 2019)

Education and skills development

  • Literacy rates, adult (%, ages 15 and older): 51.1% (HDR 2019)
  • Government expenditure on education (% of total): n.a

Environment and Climate

  • Agricultural land (% of land area): 77.7% (WB 2016)
  • Forest area (% of land area): 7.2% (WB 2016)
World Bank Reports (WB)
UNDP Human Development Reports 2019 (HDR)
Population Reference Bureau World Population Datasheet 2019 (PRB)

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